For Kamaji Campers Young, & for those Young-at-Heart...

Kamaji’s long history connects young girls and women of all ages. We share in old traditions such as our tribes, canoeing, Council Fire and take comfort in our memories of friends, activities, the smell of the pines, and the sounds of the loons. While there are some changes, the heart of Kamaji remains the same.



Once a Kamaji camper, always a Kamaji camper

Kamaji’s history began on Star Island in the summer of 1914 and is one of the oldest girls’ summer camps in the country and the first in Minnesota.

Whether you were a camper in 1936 or 2016, we share in our dreams of warm, sunny days on Wolf Lake.

If you have fallen out-of-touch with Camp Kamaji and want to learn about what is new at camp and what traditions are still going strong, please RE-connect with us by completing the Alumni Registration so we have your current contact information.

By registering, you will also gain access to Kamaji’s current summer photographs and summer updates.

Please also enjoy all the pictures, newsletters, and videos posted on our website. We hope that if even for a few minutes, it helps transplant you back to good ol’ Camp Kami.

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