What is Camp Kamaji?
  • A girls’ camp located in Northern Minnesota, about 200 miles north/northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul, 110 miles west of Duluth and 15 miles east of Bemidji.
  • A summer “home” to 150 girls, ages 7 to 15, and 90+ staff members.
  • A residential camp that offers both a four – and eight – week session.
  • A camp accredited by the American Camping Association.
  • A “safe” place — a structured, supportive, supervised and positive place
  • A place where diversity is valued — where differences are celebrated rather than feared.
  • A place where a camper is judged by her behavior rather than by her beliefs or her appearance.
  • A place where campers are treated as individuals, not as stereotypes; where they are respected, trusted, encouraged, praised, loved and, most importantly, valued.
  • Above all, Kamaji is a joyous, fun-filled, child-centered community — a place where kids come first.
  • Where is Camp Kamaji?
    Camp Kamaji is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Minnesota in the town of Cass Lake right on Big Wolf Lake. We are 4.5 hours north of Minneapolis/St. Paul and 20 minutes from Bemidji, MN (home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox!).
    Who are the owners and directors of Kamaji?
    What is Camp Kamaji’s philosophy?
    We are proud to be the current stewards of a camp that is rich in heritage and steeped in traditional, “old-fashioned” values. We are committed more than ever to Kamaji’s founding principles: to be a place where kids can absolutely, completely be kids; where childhood is embraced, nurtured, respected and valued; where our campers can grow and develop, learn new things, do things they can’t do at home, and cultivate friendships unlike any they’ve ever had – friendships that last a lifetime.
    What are Kamaji’s campers like?
    Kamaji’s campers are energetic, fun-loving, friendly and excited about new experiences. As a matter of fact, the only prerequisites first-time campers need to join Kamaji’s summertime family are the desire to have fun, the willingness to try new things and the wish to develop life-long friendships.

    Kamaji’s campers are energetic, fun-loving, friendly and excited about new experiences. As a matter of fact, the only prerequisites first-time campers need to join Kamaji’s summertime family are the desire to have fun, the willingness to try new things and the wish to develop life-long friendships.

    Our campers are the heart-and-soul of Kamaji. Without them, Kamaji would simply be a physically beautiful place; with them Kamaji is a magical place — alive and enriched with and by the presence of its campers.

    Who works at Camp Kamaji?
    Kamaji’s staff, like its campers, is a diverse group. Our total staff numbers over 80. Included in that number are 60 cabin counselors and CITs (Counselors-In-Training), an on-site licensed doctor and three nursing assistants, activity program specialists including our six wilderness trip leaders. Add to that our full complement of support staff including administrative, kitchen, office and maintenance folks.

    Many of our staff return year after year. In fact, lots are former Kamaji campers! Ninety percent are college-aged or older. Our staff join us from cities not only from the United Sates but also from several other countries; countries represented in Kamaji’s 2012 staff line-ups included England, Scotland, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

    While nearly half of our staff members return summer after summer, we think it is important to include new staffers each summer who can bring their fresh, fun and creative ideas to camp to make our program even better!

    What staff positions are available?
  • Cabin counselors who teach one of the following: Sailing, Swimming, Canoeing, Paddleboarding (Stand-Up Paddling), Water-skiing, Windsurfing, Fishing, Sea-Kayaking, English Horseback Riding, Tennis, Archery, Drama, Ceramics, Art and Crafts, Ceramics and Pottery, Photography, Aerobics, Dance, Outdoor Living Skills, Low Ropes Course and Climbing Wall. (Women only)
  • Program Specialists in one of the activities listed above. (Women or Men)
  • Wilderness Trip Leaders who lead trips from two to nine days long. (Women or Men)
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping Workers. (Women or Men)
  • Cooks and Kitchen Workers. (Women or Men)
  • Administrative Office Assistants/Camp Drivers. (Women or Men)
  • Nurses and Nursing Assistants. (Women only)
  • Qualifications, experience and age requirements vary from staff position to staff position at Kamaji. Feel free to contact us for specific Job Descriptions for any of the positions listed above.

    What is the time off policy?
    Staff get one full day off (a consecutive 24 hour period) as well as one full night off (a consecutive 14 hour period beginning at dinnertime) a week. Staff use this time to rest, re- energize and spend time with their friends. We are lucky in that we have the advantage of being tucked away in the woods while at camp but are also only 15 miles from Bemidji (the largest city in a 130 mile radius) which allows staff access to the town’s restaurants, bowling alley, movie theater, parks, beaches, various stores/shops and a number of fun things to do on time-off.
    Can I get school credit for working at camp?
    Yes! Talk with your Internship Coordinator at your college or university to find out if it’s possible for you to receive credit for your employment at camp. We will happily fill out the necessary paperwork in order to ensure you receive credit for all of your hard work.
    What is the salary?
    Salaries range from $2100 to $2800 for the minimum employment period. Additional compensation is provided in the form of room and board and a transportation allowance ranging from $200 to $400.
    How would I get to camp?
    There are several options:

    • Drive: All staff who have access to a car for the summer and live within a reasonable driving distance are encouraged to drive to camp.
    • Fly: There is an airport in Bemidji (BJI), we can easily pick you up from the airport at any time. Since it is a smaller airport, tickets tend to be a bit pricier. You can also look into flying into Minneapolis (MSP) which is less expensive. Kamaji arranges a pick-up from the Minneapolis airport (typically 2 days before your contract begins).
    • Bus: Megabus does run to Minneapolis (www.megabus.com) and Jefferson Bus Lines runs from Minneapolis to Cass Lake (www.jeffersonlines.com) where, again, we can easily pick you up.

    Most importantly, you are not alone in making arrangements to get to camp — we are here to help!!

    How do I apply?

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