What is the schedule at kamaji?

A typical Day

“Back in my day…” is how your parents’ stories always began about how they grew up and how many miles they had to walk to school in the snow and you rolled your eyes; it was so much HARDER growing up when they did. Well, … back in MY day, it was EASIER growing up than it is today for our girls.


A Typical Day/Schedule at Camp Kamaji:

8:00 am

Wake-Up!: There is a bell that rings that signals for us all to get up and get moving in the morning. Campers will head to the washhouses to wash your face and brush your teeth before breakfast.

8:15 am

Warning Bell: This is a 15-minute warning for campers before breakfast. If your tribe is assigned to table-setting this week, then you’ll already be dressed and at the Dining Hall in order to set the tables.

8:30 am
Breakfast: We eat family-style so
you’ll sit at a table with your cabinmates and your counselors. We start every breakfast with cold cereal, so you can choose what kind you’d like. And then it is followed by pancakes or French toast or a cinnamon roll or eggs, etc.

The “hopper” (a camper) will go up to the window and get breakfast to bring back to the table for everyone.

There is always a type of fruit at breakfast and we also keep peanut butter and yogurt on the breakfast bar in case you need a little more protein in the morning.

9:15 am

Singing/Flag-Raising: First we sing a bunch of songs while we stand on the benches in the dining hall. We have songbooks so you don’t have to worry about knowing all the words. And then the whole camp heads to the waterfront to watch the flag being raised.

9:20 am

Cabin Clean-Up: This is SUPER exciting! Campers and counselors head back to the cabins to tidy up. There is a job chart in each cabin group so that campers take turns with different chores each day. You might be the hopper (as I described above) or the person who sweeps the porch or maybe the person who empties the trash. Once your chore is done and you have made your bed and straightened your shelves and your sleeping area, then you can get ready for the first two activities of your day!

10:15 am

First Period: Remember, campers choose what activities they take at camp each week. So you’ll have a different schedule from the other girls you live with in the cabin. This is a great opportunity to meet new people at camp and discover activities that YOU love to do! We want you to try new things so we will make sure you have a variety of different activities each week.

11:15 am

Second Period: If for some reason you don’t know where to go, you can always ask a counselor, another camper/friend, OR come to the office and someone will walk with you to your activity area.

12:15 pm

Warning Bell: This is the time to go wash your hands and get ready for lunch. Oftentimes campers will meet outside the Dining Hall where we have tetherball and a Gaga pit so you can play with other campers while you wait for lunch to start.

12:30 pm

Lunch: The food is so good at camp!! There is the main meal like pizza, grilled cheese, wraps and then we also have a big salad bar that has all sorts of vegetables, fruit, chicken or tuna salad and peanut butter and jelly on it. So if for some reason you don’t like what is being served, there is always something for you to eat! We also have dessert after lunch AND dinner!

1:15 pm
Singing again! And a couple of times a week we will have a Tribe Meeting.

1:30 pm

Rest Period: It is a quieter time of the day, but not a silent one!

Campers will hang out in their cabins to read, play cards, make friendship bracelets, listen to music and write letters home.

Remember, letter writing is how you will keep in touch with your family and friends while you are at camp.

Rest period is always fun because this is when you’ll receive YOUR mail too!

2:45 pm

Third Activity Period

3:45 pm

Fourth Activity Period

4:45 pm

Fifth Period/Free Period: This is a time where you can choose whatever it is you want to do around camp!

Oftentimes campers will find a buddy and go for a swim down at the swim area because there will be counselors and lifeguards there to watch you.

If you want to take out a sailboat, finish up a tennis match, or help groom the horses, just let the instructors know and they’ll be there to help you.


Campers will also use this time to visit friends from other cabins, take a shower, play tetherball or hang out in our treehouse or hammock village!

5:45 pm

Warning Bell for Dinner

6:00 pm

Dinner: Dinner is similar to lunch in that there is a main dish served and then also a salad bar. And don’t forget dessert!!

Twice a week we will have an outdoor BBQ where you sit outside with your friends and eat delicious grilled food!

7:00 pm

More songs! But this time the songs are slower songs and we don’t stand on the benches for these.

7:15 pm

Evening Program: This is a GREAT time of the day when the whole camp gets together to do an activity, a game or a theme night. Each night is a little bit different but we will have a campfire program (Council Fire) every week. That program tends to be a little quieter but most programs are loud, goofy, silly, dress-up, and run-around activities! We’ll do things like Halloween Night, Relays, a Mud Run, a Sponge War, and a Color Run (just to name a few).

8:45 pm

Evening Program wraps up!. Campers head back to their cabins to get ready for bed. Campers will head to the washhouses to brush their teeth and wash their faces and then change into their PJs to hang in their cabin.

Counselors will have something planned to do as a group each night. It might be a fun “get-to-know-you” game, a card game or sometimes they will read a book out loud to the group, just depends on what you and your cabinmates enjoy.

Bedtimes (approximately):

  • 9:30 campers coming out of 2nd grade
  • 9:45 campers coming out of 3rd/4th grade
  • 10:00 campers coming out of 5th grade
  • 10:15 campers coming out of 6th grade
  • 10:30 campers coming out of 7th and 8th grade
  • 10:45 campers coming out of 9th grade
  • 11:00 campers coming out of 10th grade

Then you get tucked into bed, counselors typically offer you a hug or high-five, then you get a good night’s sleep and get ready to get up and do it all over again!

While this is a“typical” day at camp, you’ll learn soon enough that there is actually no day that is “typical”!!

Sometimes we sleep in, once a week we will have an Adventure Day where you do different types of activities with your cabinmates, and sometimes if it is rainy or too hot we’ll adjust the schedule to do something fun.

It’s camp so we just roll with it! Hope you’re excited to spend YOUR days at Kamaji!

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