Camp Kamaji is not your average summer camp getaway. Here, the lake’s always ready for some water ski action, horses are up for trail buddies, and paddleboards are just waiting for you to hop on and glide. It’s not all just about acing archery or busting moves in dance class, though that’s pretty sweet, too.

BUT don’t take our word for it. Keep reading for Camp Kamaji reviews from actual campers and families.

First, a bit about what to expect at Camp Kamaji this summer:

Camp Kamaji is about climbing more than just the climbing wall—it’s about climbing out of your comfort zone, conquering new challenges like portaging a canoe, or feeling the wind in your hair as you sail away. And while you’re at it, making friends that’ll feel like your second family.  The laughs you’ll share are the cherry on top of this camp sundae.

At Kamaji, a girls’ summer camp in Minnesota, we focus on celebrating each person’s courage. First time away from home? Nervous about making friends? Never waterskiied before? We get it!  And that’s the cool part — you won’t be the only one, each person has their own challenge they want to face. It’s all about trying, maybe stumbling a bit, and then nailing it. It’s where those “I did it!” moments are born, all with the support and encouragement from your Kamaji community.

Being yourself is the best play here. Those red cowboy boots that are so you? They could turn you into a camp icon in no time. And when it’s your moment in the spotlight, even if the butterflies try to steal the show, everyone here’s got your back, ready to turn your musical solo into a camp-wide anthem. It’s all about standing out, fitting in, and having each other’s backs.


Camp Kamaji is a little world where every cheer, every high five, and every “You got this!” is genuine. It’s where you can be your most awesome self at our girls summer camp that’s safe, supportive, and seriously fun.

So, are you ready for a summer where you celebrate courage, face new adventures and really shine by simply being you? That’s what Camp Kamaji is all about. We can’t wait for you to join us and add your story to the memories that make up Kamaji.

Camp Kamaji Reviews from campers and families who love our all-girls summer camp in Minnesota!

(…also, at the bottom are some helpful links to learn more about Camp Kamaji and some of the questions you might have. If you’re ready to meet our Camp Directors, click here to book a zoom call with Kat – Camp Director and Kamaji Alumni!)

Travis Allison Avatar
I have always been impressed with the level of intentionality and care that Kamaji shows their campers!
Travis Allison 3/16/2024
Brendan Rabb Avatar
My daughters attend this camp currently and it is an incredible place. Supportive, happy, safe and of course fun! Summer dreams come true and they have already made lifelong friendships here. Can't recommend enough.
Brendan Rabb 2/06/2024
Laney Maguire Avatar
I have worked at multiple camps and none of them compare to Kamaji. The directors are involved and invested in the campers and the staff and go out of their way to make you feel a part of the Kamaji Family. The campers are happy and well cared for, the food is great, and the camp is beautiful.
Laney Maguire 2/06/2024
Holly Ebener Avatar
I spent 5 summers here as a kid and it forever changed my life in the absolute best way. I am still very close with my camp friends and look forward to sending my daughter here once she’s old enough!
Holly Ebener 1/15/2024
Allyson Rinaldo Avatar
My family participated in the camp’s friends and family weekend. We have a 6 yo son and 9 yo daughter. I went into the weekend thinking I’d never send my kid away for a month - there’s no way! But after witnessing my daughter’s transformation in just 3 days from a helpless kid addicted to her iPad to a self-sufficient, incredibly happy person who reads to relax and remembers to brush her teeth, I’ve changed my mind! She got teary when it was time to leave and hasn’t stopped talking about all she loved about camp! I’m in awe of how this program nurtures children and develops their individual interests and sense of responsibility. There’s a reason Camp Kamaji has been around for 100 years. It’s magic! I can’t wait for my daughter to attend next summer!
Allyson Rinaldo 8/27/2023
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Katie Fox Avatar
I cannot recommend Camp Kamaji enough! My family had the opportunity to attend family camp fulfilling both my childhood dreams of going to sleep away camp and my children’s. What made it so amazing: 1) The setting on 140+ wooded acres along Wolf Lake is beautiful! 2) The activities - sailing, water skiing, tubing, fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, rock climbing, tennis, hiking, archery, crafts, capture the flag, and the list goes on! You will never be board! 3) opportunity to strengthen existing and make new friendships 4) the owners Kat and Jason obviously put their sweat, tears and sacrifice of sleep to make Camp Kamaji the best experience for all that attend! We love Camp Kamaji and hope to return again!
Katie Fox 8/27/2023
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Camille Kite-Bussen Avatar
I’ve sent my daughter to Kamaji for two years now. (As in, I’m posting about my own experience with the camp, not secondhand.) From the beginning of our experience with Kamaji staff we’ve been blown away by how their professionalism and how they relate with all of the different groups they work with. I was impressed with how much they go out of their way to ensure that campers know all of the ins and outs of camp (as much as possible, anyway) before they go to camp. There is an extraordinary amount of paperwork and prep as you get ready for camp to make sure that it will be smooth sailing once your daughter is there. Staff works hard to keep you updated during the sessions, providing photo and news updates, as well as counselor reports mid-session and at the end of camp. When you send your child on an adventure in the backwoods with 100+ of her new best friends for 4-8 weeks it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need *some* sort of medical attention; I mention this because the medical staff at Kamaji is absolutely stellar. They handle everything with skill and grace and keep you updated on details as need be. (My daughter had a mild case of pink eye this year and I was kept up to date throughout her treatment.) To speak to my daughter’s experiences, she could go on for hours talking about activities, friends, songs, meals, and traditions at camp. She’s a quiet but confident kid and Kamaji pulls her out of her shell a bit. We see her independence growing from Kamaji and we’re so thankful it exists.
Camille Kite-Bussen 8/27/2023
Kelly Appleton Avatar
There is no more special place in the world to me than Camp Kamaji. I spent 5 summers there as a camper, two years as a staff, and I return at every opportunity I can. The friends I made when I was 11 are some of my closest friends 20+ years later. I know that I am who I am because of this camp, and I am so thankful for it. My own daughter will attend, no question. There is nothing more that I want for her than what you get from spending your summers at Camp Kamaji under the thoughtful care of its owners/directors, Kat and Jason.
Kelly Appleton 8/27/2023
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Amy Gearhart Avatar
This place is magic. Our children visited camp this year and had an exceptional experience. Archery, fishing, sailing, tennis, and so much more. It was completely safe, organized, and fun. The staff were kind and helpful. I can't think of a better summer experience for a child!
Amy Gearhart 8/27/2023
Meghan Hannes Avatar
I took my family for a long weekend to Kamaji as a part of a direct experience with the camp 'life' and Kamaji's programming to determine if my daughter would be a good candidate to attend camp there for 4 or 8 weeks next Summer. From the moment we arrived, our family was welcomed into 'camp life'. I saw my daughter transform with increased confidence and independence in a few short days. Jason (owner/operator) showed her a speed boat experience, all while conducting the boat and its operations with the utmost professionalism in water craft knowledge and safety in mind. There is literally NO ONE I would have trusted with my young daughter on a lake in the middle of the woods until I saw Jason in action without me being there. It is really hard these days to find people whom will treat your kids like their own, and seeing both Kat and Jason 'in action' doing what they do best (which is running Kamaji and keeping its long-standing traditions alive and well) absolutely changed my entire perspective on what summer camp can bring to my daughter's life. We cannot wait to send her one day soon.
Meghan Hannes 8/27/2023
britt appleton Avatar
I went here for three summers in the 90s and it was the most special. I really loved the independence from my parents and being around so so so many people. Great culture. Welcoming vibe. Super fun activities. 10/10
britt appleton 8/27/2023
Matt Wnek Avatar
Prepare to be amazed at Camp Kamaji! The 120 acre expansive camp is truly a gem in Northern Minnesota. From the the waterfront along Wolf Lake to the multitude of amenities this is epitome of a summer camp experience.
Matt Wnek 8/27/2023
Seth Grant Avatar
It's the best! Go Nonners 💜
Seth Grant 7/27/2023
Lucia A Avatar
I went to camp here, almost 8-9 years ago. It was so memorable and amazing to be able to experience such a great summer away at camp!
Lucia A 11/27/2022
Ami Polonsky Avatar
Kamaji was a magical place for me as a camper and counselor, and is just as magical now for my child!
Ami Polonsky 11/27/2022
Eddis Goodale Avatar
Our younger daughter went here as a camper, then matriculated into a CIT, a full counselor, and head of the CIT's. Even served as a medical staff member when she was finishing nursing school. This was a life affirming summer home for her for more than 10 years. An amazing place.
Eddis Goodale 11/27/2021
Natalie Lynette Avatar
I love this camp! It is a place where I can be myself, be introduced to new activities, and make lots of friends! The food is really good too.😋
Natalie Lynette 11/27/2021
Audrey Fox Avatar
yes. very good.
Audrey Fox 11/27/2021
sophie markham Avatar
greatest place on the planet
sophie markham 11/27/2021
iiam._ natt Avatar
Great place.... 3rd home....... I love my tribe......My cabins...... The activities......And the staff........
iiam._ natt 11/27/2019
Caroline Portis Avatar
THE happy place for my daughters! If you're looking for an all girls camp with a wonderful staff, amazing surroundings and a supportive and loving environment, look no further.
Caroline Portis 11/27/2018
Molly Herz Avatar
BEST CAMP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Molly Herz 11/27/2018

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