As Mike wrote in an earlier blog posted on July 21st “Most days at Kamaji, the campers attend four different instructional activity periods — two in the morning and two in the afternoon — and have a free period at the end of the afternoon. They don’t necessarily go to instructional activities with campers from their porch group; instead their instructional classes are filled with campers of all ages and similar interests and ability levels.”

Every Tuesday, Kamaji takes a break from its typical day schedule.  On Adventure Day campers spend the entire day with their porch mates and cabin counselors.  From a major cabin clean-up to sorting through a week’s worth of laundry to send out to the laundromat to picnic-ing at lunchtime, Tuesdays mornings through lunch are somewhat routine.  The afternoon is when the fun begins as cabin and porch groups plan and participate in  activities of their own making that are, in a word, adventuresome.

Following is a video produced and edited by Cabin 2, Porch 2 recapping their July 27th Adventure Day antics.  We think it best describes ‘a-typical’ Kamaji Adventure Day activity far better than we could ever put in words!!

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