Understanding the “Top 10 Benefits of Attending an All Girls Summer Camp” can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your daughter. These camps are not just fun summer getaways; they’re transformative experiences dedicated to fostering leadership, independence, and a strong sense of community – a safe haven for young women to boldly grow into their best selves. In this article, we will explore how those benefits can positively impact your daughter’s life.

Key Thoughts About All-Girls Summer Camps:

  • All-girls summer camps empower young women by nurturing self-esteem, fostering leadership skills, and providing a space for self-expression and community building without societal gender norms.
  • These camps offer an array of activities that bolster confidence and promote bonding, with opportunities for global friendships, teamwork, creativity, and unplugged fun in nature-enhancing settings.
  • Summer camps provide lifelong benefits, including the development of important life skills, nurturing of creativity and passion, celebration of tradition, and overall enhancement of health and wellness.

Empowering Young Women

A diverse group of young women standing confidently together at a summer camp

A diverse age group of young women standing confidently together at camp Kamaji

All-girls summer camps are more than just a fun-filled getaway. They’re strategically designed to bolster young women’s self-confidence and leadership through a sense of community and an array of activities. These camps provide a nurturing space that cultivates strong self-esteem and self-worth in female campers. They’re places where girls are empowered to:

  • Express their uniqueness
  • Explore their interests and passions
  • Build lasting friendships
  • Develop important life skills
  • Challenge themselves and take risks
  • Learn to navigate and overcome obstacles
  • Discover their own strengths and abilities

In these camps, girls are free from societal gender norms and can truly be themselves. It’s an environment that encourages growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

The empowerment at these camps includes promoting self-sufficiency, an essential part of developing leadership qualities. The activities offered encourage girls to:

  • Step outside their comfort zones
  • Boost their confidence and independence
  • Develop new skills
  • Take on challenges
  • Build resilience

All of this is done within a supportive, kid-centered environment, led by strong female role models.

Cultivating Confidence

Attending camp will build girls’ self-esteem when participating in activities such as:

These activities are designed to boost confidence and encourage a strong sense of self. They provide a platform for self-expression, improve physical coordination, and push campers out of their comfort zones. This helps them develop resilience and self-confidence.

Camps offer a safe and supportive environment where girls can express themselves without fear of judgment, thus fostering personal growth and confidence.

Leadership in Action

At summer camp, girls get numerous opportunities to take on leadership roles, contributing to the development of lifelong leadership skills. They face challenges that help them develop problem-solving, decision-making, and goal-setting skills.

Specialized programs for teenagers provide developmentally appropriate activities to nurture their leadership abilities. In single-sex camp settings, girls are valued and empowered to lead, contributing to the development of leadership skills through group activities.

In addition to leading other peers, campers are role models to girls much younger than they. Mixed-aged programming lets older campers feel the adoration and respect from younger campers and the younger campers feel special and important when with their older leaders.

Building Lasting Friendships

Girls from different backgrounds forming a lasting friendship at camp

Girls from different place come to camp and find similarities which help form lasting friendships at camp

Imagine a place where your daughter can create supportive and enduring friendships that can last a lifetime. That’s what all-girls summer camps offer. The social skills developed through these friendships are foundational for children and teenagers to grow into happy and successful adults.

At an all-girls camp, girls can form deeper relationships and engage more authentically with their peers. They see other girls and women as their support system that build them up and not as competitors.

Bonds Beyond Borders

These camps prioritize an inclusive atmosphere that appreciates and celebrates the diverse cultural backgrounds of the campers. Campers from various states and countries engage in shared activities and meals, enhancing their cultural understanding. Camps like Camp Kamaji offer the opportunity to meet girls and women from around the world, further enriching their cultural exchange during their camp experience.

The result? Global friendships and lifelong bonds that provide a base for ongoing cultural exchange and support after their time at camp, creating lasting friends and making friends.

A Community of Support

All-girls camps foster a sense of community, making each camper feel a part of something larger than themselves. Deep connections among peers are established, enhancing empathy and emotional resilience. Trained camp counselors facilitate the development of social skills and friendships within a supportive community. Great girls’ camps build a connection with the other campers simultaneously and also help them feel connected to alumnae: they share in the same special place and feel a connection with these women. In addition to the support campers feel while at camp, these connections can lead to lifelong networking and help them feel more connected when out in the world.

Additionally, camp activities promote independence and resilience within a supportive setting, complementing the teamwork experiences that enhance camp life.

Unplugged Fun

In today’s digital age, the concept of ‘unplugged fun’ is a breath of fresh air. Many sleepaway camps (like Camp Kamaji) enforce a no-technology policy for campers, creating an environment free from digital distractions and promoting more face-to-face interactions. The lack of electronic devices allows campers to engage more fully with their environment and peers, enhancing the quality of interpersonal relationships.

This child-friendly setting enables children to immerse themselves in new and fun activities sometimes in and sometimes our of their comfort zone, fostering their creativity and honing their social skills.

Reconnecting with Nature

Campers exploring nature in northern Minnesota

Campers exploring nature in northern Minnesota at Camp Kamaji

Camps located in unique locations like northern Minnesota provide special outdoor experiences. Campers can learn and master diverse skills such as:

  • hiking
  • fishing
  • camping
  • rock climbing

This enhances their connection with nature. With activities such as canoeing, horseback riding, and backpacking trips, girls experience nature directly, offering a contrast to screen-based engagements and online life.

Exposure to water during camp activities contributes to wellness and stress reduction through ‘Blue Mind’ science.

Creative Exploration

Artistic activities at camp not only promote self-expression but also contribute to the development of fine motor skills. Some examples of artistic activities at all girls summer camps include:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpting
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry making
  • Collage
  • Printmaking

These activities provide a platform for creative exploration and allow campers to express themselves in unique and meaningful ways.

By using natural materials like leaves, sticks, and flowers, camps encourage girls to craft unique art pieces, fostering additional creative exploration.

Personal Growth Through New Experiences

Campers challenging themselves and mastering new skills at summer camp

Campers challenging themselves and mastering new skills at summer camp

Personal growth is achieved through new experiences at camp. Engaging in activities outside one’s usual routine can foster resilience and enable individuals to learn from setbacks and failures. Embracing new challenges is necessary for growth as it prevents stagnation in development and improves decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Engaging in new activities can generate courage and prevent boredom, which leads to personal growth and an increased sense of happiness and self-awareness.

Mastering New Skills

Summer camps provide activities like sailing and archery, offering campers challenges essential for developing new skills and contributing to their personal growth. With the freedom to engage in activities that interest them, girls at camp exercise autonomy and strengthen their decision-making skills.

In an all-girls camp setting, campers are encouraged to explore a range of activities, expanding their skills beyond traditional gender roles. The variety of activities at camp aids in the personal development of campers, helping them to discover and cultivate their strengths and interests.

Exposing girls to activities and programming different than what is typically offered at home allows children the chance to develop a new “thing”. They do not have to be simply the star soccer player, the highest GPA, the theater kid…they can develop other interests and aspects of their personality so their one skill or mastery does not define them. This builds their self-esteem and allows them to grow their perspective and see there is more to them than just one skill.

Overcoming Challenges

Girls’ summer camps incorporate physical activities and challenges designed to push campers beyond their comfort zones, fostering growth in their self-esteem. Without the protection of safe spaces, a girl’s willingness to take risks necessary for growth can be severely limited.

Summer camps often include traditions such as Color Wars and camp Olympics, serving as milestones and celebrations of participation and achievement.

A Safe Space to Be Oneself

All-girls sleepaway camps like Kamaji establish non-judgmental environments through unique values and policies, including a No Meanness Policy, fostering a positive community. These non-judgmental environments create safe spaces where girls can ask sensitive questions and engage in open expression without fear of judgment or intimidation.

These supportive settings contribute to personal growth, where campers are undistracted by technology, unburdened by social pressures, and encouraged by passionate role models. Girls learn to disconnect from technology and yet connect with one another authentically.

Fostering Individuality

The establishment of safe spaces at all-girls summer camps is key to creating an atmosphere where campers feel free to express themselves and embrace their unique identities without fear of judgment or gender bias.

Performances and speaking opportunities at camp embolden girls to overcome stage fright and, through such self-expression, develop stronger leadership skills and a robust sense of self-worth.

Reducing Social Pressures

All-girls summer camps often implement strict no-phone policies, providing a space where girls are not subject to the social pressures of maintaining an online persona and can be more present in the moment. In the camp environment, without the pressures of co-ed interactions, girls are encouraged to work collaboratively, focusing on team success rather than striving for individual attention or competition.

Attending a diverse all-girls camp can enhance social development by promoting positive attitudes towards people from different backgrounds, through learning tolerance and empathy in an inclusive setting.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Health and wellness benefits are integral to the camp experience. Swimming in the lake is just one of the regular activities campers get to do at camp:

  • Positively impacts mental health by acting as a form of treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses
  • Improves the heart’s strength
  • Enhances aerobic capacity
  • Makes muscles more efficient

Swimming, especially during a free swim session, is a great way to improve overall health and well-being.

Regular exercise can enhance a child’s sleep by helping them fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep, due to energy depletion that stimulates recuperation during the sleep cycle.  And this is just ONE of the activities campers do at camp.

Active Lifestyle

Swimming at summer camps offers health benefits such as lower blood pressure, toxin elimination, and relaxation through breathing regulation. Dance programs at summer camps contribute to physical fitness by increasing flexibility, building muscle, and supporting a stronger, more agile body. Activities such as music and dance not only promote cultural appreciation and self-expression but also enhance physical coordination and fitness.  This is all very important, but just the day-to-day activities at camp promote movement and healthy choices. Campers have to get up and walk to the washhouse, to the dining hall and obviously, to their activities.  Most of the activities offered are taught outside where campers soak up the sun (while wearing their sunscreen!) and Vitamin D.

Attending an all girls summer camp promotes regular physical activity, which is essential for maintaining good health and a positive body image focused on health and strength.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Yoga and meditation practices at camps can help children better regulate their emotions, manage stress, and cultivate skills like creativity, flexibility, self-control, and discipline. Yoga practices support the development of the prefrontal cortex in adolescents, enhancing their ability to concentrate, plan, and regulate mood. Kamaji campers love a wellness activity named “Calm” where they practice mediation and gratefulness activities.

Life Skills That Last a Lifetime

Summer camp is a platform where children and teens can learn vital life skills that they can apply in their daily lives. At summer camp, practical life skills such as:

  • creativity
  • strategic thinking
  • quick adaptation
  • collaborative work

are among the “soft skills” developed.

These life skills are gained through a combination of fun outdoor activities, new experiences, and interactions with peers in the camp setting.

Meeting New Friends: Teamwork Triumphs

Summer camps offer numerous group activities and team sports that instill the value of working together among campers, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Older campers participate in team-based activities such as relay races that encourage mentorship and cooperative work among different age groups. Through team building activities, campers enhance their communication skills, develop respect for team members, and learn effective problem-solving within a guided team setting.

They learn to appreciate individual strengths and weaknesses, which promotes more effective collaboration and collective achievement in future projects.

Self-Reliance and Independence

Being away from home at summer camp provides children and teens with the opportunity to:

  • Develop independence
  • Become accustomed to making their own decisions
  • Foster independence and make decisions on their own in a supportive yet new environment

Time spent at camp away from family helps young individuals to foster independence and to make decisions on their own in a supportive yet new environment.

Living away from home at camp offers campers the opportunity to:

  • Become more self-sufficient and responsible
  • Make decisions and care for themselves
  • Learn life skills, teamwork, and leadership in a structured environment
  • Prepare for future responsibilities

Nurturing Creativity and Passion

Girls’ summer camps offer an array of creative programs such as arts and crafts, and various dance styles, providing opportunities to nurture creativity and passion. Diverse dance programs at camps, including genres like jazz and hip hop, cater to a variety of personalities and skill levels, allowing each girl to find her preferred dance style.

Arts and crafts activities at summer camps play a crucial role in developing confidence and skills, offering girls a fun and supportive space to explore and express their interests.

Artistic Adventures

Campers engaging in diverse artistic activities such as painting, dancing, and crafts

Campers engaging in diverse artistic activities such as painting, dancing, and crafts

Girls camps foster an environment for creativity through various artistic activities such as:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • molding

These activities help in exploring and expanding their imagination. The arts and crafts programs offered at girls camps are carefully designed according to the developmental stages of the campers, ranging from simple painting for younger children to more complex projects like pottery for the older ones.

Children at camp engage with the natural environment through unique activities like ladybird rock painting and leaf painting, thereby promoting creativity and interaction with the outdoors. Special events at camp showcase children’s cultural heritage through music, dance, and traditional arts, which plays a significant role in cultivating multicultural understanding among campers.

Sparking New Interests

Summer camps provide opportunities for girls to try new activities, which can uncover unknown passions and potential lifelong interests. Through diverse camp programs, girls are encouraged to discover new hobbies and interests, paving the way for the creation of enduring skills and memorable experiences.

Campers have the chance to explore a wide range of artistic mediums, regardless of prior experience or interest, leading to the discovery of new passions in the arts.

The Joy of Tradition and Ceremony

Traditions at summer camps are a vital aspect that connects current campers with past generations, creating a unique camp experience. Some examples of traditions at summer camps include:

  • Daily ceremonies like flag raising
  • Campfire songs and skits
  • Color wars or team competitions
  • Talent shows or talent nights
  • Camp-wide games or scavenger hunts
  • Special meals or cookouts
  • Closing ceremonies or awards ceremonies

These traditions play a key role in maintaining the continuity of the camp’s traditions and fostering a sense of belonging among campers. Camps like Kamaji celebrate over 100 years of traditions and ceremonies, marrying the old traditions with new ones. Campers enjoy being part of traditions they can rely on and feel a part of. A large part of tradition at girls’ camps is the campfire. Songs, stories and reverence for nature and the people whose land we are upon are all important parts of the weekly ceremony.

Celebrating Milestones

One of the best aspects of sleepaway camp is being able to return each summer. Camps often celebrate these milestones by commemorating 5, 10 and even 15 summers spent at camp.  At Camp Kamaji, campers/staff receive a commemorative paddle and a speech highlighting all the contributions and the impact that the camper has had on the community in her time at camp. At 10 years everyone has an opportunity to stand up and share why that camper/staff member has played such an important role in someone’s life or at camp. These traditions allow people to shine and to demonstrate how important that person is, further boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Honoring Heritage

Many summer camps use Native American words in their camp culture. It is imperative to recognize the history of the indigenous people. At Kamaji, there is a campfire where directors discuss the history of the Indigenous Ojibwe people. There is also an emphasis on the Ojibwe as a thriving tribe, whose contributions continue to this day. Camp directors and campers are thoughtful to use any Ojibwe words and language in reverence and never to mimic traditions or assume any cultural appropriation.  Learning about the indigenous people whose land we inhabit is an important education and awareness for campers.


From empowering young women to fostering individuality and nurturing creativity, all girls summer camps offer an array of benefits beyond the traditional summer camp experience. These camps provide a unique environment that promotes personal growth, celebrates tradition and ceremony, and instills life-long skills. Encourage your daughter to embark on an all-girls summer camp adventure – it’s not just a summer getaway, it’s a transformative journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of attending an all-girls summer camp?

Attending an all-girls summer camp offers numerous benefits such as personal growth, empowerment, life skill development, and a safe space for girls to be themselves, fostering individuality and creativity. It’s a great opportunity for girls to grow in a supportive environment.

How do all-girls camps promote personal growth?

All-girls camps promote personal growth by offering new experiences, opportunities to master skills, and challenges to overcome. This helps campers develop resilience and self-confidence.

Do all-girls summer camps offer programs suitable for different age groups?

Yes, all-girls summer camps offer diverse age-appropriate activities, catering to girls ages 7-17. All programs evolve with the child’s growth.

Can my daughter learn life skills at an all-girls summer camp?

Yes, an all-girls summer camp provides an excellent opportunity to learn life skills such as creativity, strategic thinking, adaptability, and collaboration. It is a great environment for personal growth and development.

What types of traditions and ceremonies are celebrated at all-girls summer camps?

At all-girls summer camps, traditions and ceremonies such as flag raising, campfires, and unique weekend songs are celebrated to connect campers with past generations, mark milestones, and create a sense of collective growth and anticipation. Embrace the spirit of tradition and connection.

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