If you’re on the hunt for an overnight camp, Minnesota offers great summer weather, safety, excitement, and personal growth for your child, you’ve come to the right place. From lake shores to forest trails, Minnesota’s camps excel in creating environments where kids can safely explore, enhance their skills, and forge new friendships.

This article cuts through the options to help you pinpoint a summer experience that fits your child’s age, interests, and your peace of mind at an overnight camp Minnesota.

If you’re still exploring whether summer camp might be a fit for your daughter, you might be interested in this article on 8 tips for choosing the best summer camp. If you already recognize that summer is going to be a great experience for your daughter, this post will dig into why campers LOVE summer camps in Minnesota and can’t wait to come back year after year.

Exploring Overnight Camps in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Horseback riding at a summer camp in Minnesota

Summer camp horseback riding is one of Kamaji campers’ favorite activities

Minnesota’s overnight camps are deeply rooted in the idea of bringing children closer to nature. Nestled amidst the state’s stunning natural landscape, these camps provide an idyllic setting for kids to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with the wilderness. From serene lakes to lush forests, the beauty of the natural world becomes a living classroom where campers learn about ecology, develop outdoor skills, and cultivate an appreciation for the environment.

Activities like canoeing, hiking, and wildlife spotting are some of the traditional camp activities that foster an appreciation for the outdoors and the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s kayaking off the shores of Camp Kamaji or an overnight wilderness trip, each adventure is designed to challenge campers physically, mentally, and emotionally, helping them grow in resilience, teamwork, and self-confidence.

With so much to explore and discover, it’s no wonder that Minnesota campers leave these camps with a newfound love for nature and a sense of stewardship for the environment.

Minnesota’s Premier Overnight Camps

Campers participating in leadership and team-building activities at Camp Lake Hubert

Campers participating in leadership and team-building activities at Camp Kamaji

Camp Kamaji has been one of the pillars of Minnesota’s overnight camp scene, encouraging campers to foster courage and independence at an all-girls, technology-free summer camp.

“At Kamaji, courage is celebrated. We encourage girls to come to our camp without knowing anyone else here, that takes courage. While here, campers are encouraged to try activities they have never done before and to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort-zone in order to grow, learn, and develop their own independence. This takes courage they might not know they have (yet!) and is extremely empowering.” – Kat, Kamaji Co-Owner and Alumni

Whether it’s through teamwork activities or creative arts, summer camp activities at various summer camps provide a broad array of options that cater to different interests and abilities, ensuring that every camper finds something they love.

In addition to fun and recreation, summer camps also place a strong emphasis on personal growth and leadership development, and Kamaji is no different. From horseback riding and archery to water sports, the location of Camp Kamaji facilitates a myriad of activities that challenge campers physically, nurture their talents, and build their character.

Camp Kamaji: Where Girls Thrive

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, Camp Kamaji has been a haven for young women since its inception. The camp’s mission is to provide a secure and joyful learning space where girls can cultivate lifelong skills and values. At Camp Kamaji, every girl is encouraged to take safe risks, learn from her mistakes, and discover her unique potential.

Camp Kamaji: The best all-girls summer camp in Minnesota

Families love sending their daughter to Camp Kamaji all-girls summer camp.

Camp Kamaji offers an extensive range of activities, including:

These activities are not just about learning new skills or having fun; they’re about fostering resilience and confidence, empowering girls to step out of their comfort zones, and promoting a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Whether it’s hitting the bullseye in archery or navigating the waters in a canoe, the experiences at Camp Kamaji empower girls to:

  • thrive
  • become confident
  • become independent
  • become compassionate individuals

Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Camp Kamaji has been shaping young lives for over a century. The camp’s leadership development program is designed to mold girls into future leaders through a unique system of progressive skill development, daily personal choice periods, and special activities. By participating in these programs, girls learn the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and respect for others.

The wide array of activities at Camp Kamaji provides ample opportunities for campers to build leadership skills. Whether it’s mastering the art of archery, navigating a canoe, or taking the reins during a horseback ride, each activity is designed to challenge campers, nurture their talents, and help them discover their potential. As they face new challenges and overcome obstacles, girls at Camp Kamaji develop resilience, self-confidence, and a positive attitude that will serve them well in life.

Family-Run Camps: A Tradition of Summer Fun

Family-run camps, like Camp Kamaji (run by co-owers Kat & Jason), provide a nurturing environment that fosters unity, empathy, and social skill development among children from various backgrounds.


Camp Kamaji offers a sense of community and belonging that makes every camper feel like part of a big, happy family. One example is how campers join a tribe (represented by color) their first summer at Kamaji, and return to that tribe every year following.

A group of campers at Camp Kamaji, enjoying the summer

Camp Kamaji provides opportunities for independence, and memorable experiences, and fosters strong friendships through shared experiences and overcoming challenges. Driven by their unique missions and values, Camp Kamaji camps offer a personalized touch to the camp experience, led by Kat who was a Kamaji camper herself.

If you have a question about whether Camp Kamaji might fit your daughter this year, book a zoom call with Kat, or check out our frequently asked questions section.

Specialized Overnight Camps for Every Interest

Children enjoying horseback riding at a specialized overnight camp

Children enjoying horseback riding at a specialized overnight camp

Minnesota’s overnight camps are a testament to the diversity of interests and passions among today’s kids and teens. From budding actors and tech wizards to equestrians and musicians, there’s a camp for every child, no matter their interest.

With such a wide range of offerings, Minnesota’s overnight camps ensure that every child can find a camp that aligns with their interests and provides an enriching, fun-filled summer experience.

Leadership and Social Skills Programs Under the Stars

Overnight camps in Minnesota offer specialized leadership and social skills programs that provide campers with unique opportunities to develop these crucial life skills under the stars. Camps like Camp Kamaji offer phased leadership training programs that cultivate decision-making, responsibility, and effective communication skills.

Through ropes courses, team challenges, and leadership programs, camps like Camp Kamaji promote problem-solving skills, teamwork, and empathy among older campers who take on mentoring roles. These immersive experiences not only build leadership qualities and social competencies but also help children and teens build confidence and establish lasting friendships during their camp sessions.

The Full Camp Experience: Meals, Accommodations, and Evening Activities

The full camp experience in Minnesota involves more than just outdoor activities and skill-building sessions. It’s about creating a home away from home where campers feel safe, comfortable, and part of a community. In camps like Camp Kamaji, campers stay in log-style cabins that accommodate 8-10 campers and staff members, creating a cozy and communal living environment.

Camp kamaji MN all-girls camp cabins

Some of the most memorable summer camp experiences are down time in the Kamaji cabins

When it comes to meals, Camp Kamaji campers can’t wait to tell their families about how good the food is. Evening activities range from traditional campfires and cabin life to specific activities like Capture the Flag, helping to build inclusivity and a sense of community. All-camp programs include relays, Sponge Wars, Mud Run, Color Run and theme nights.

Tailoring the Experience: Camp Programs for Every Age Group

Finding the perfect camp session that caters to your child’s age group is an essential part of planning for overnight camp. Traditional overnight camps in Minnesota cater to girls from 7 to 16 years old, ensuring activities are suitable for their specific age group.

Minnesota day camps provide a range of activities tailored to the respective age brackets. Whether your child is a budding musician, a tech whizz, or a nature enthusiast, there’s a camp session that will provide them with a rewarding and enriching experience.

Preparing Your Child for Overnight Camp

Preparing your child for an overnight camp involves much more than just packing the right gear. It starts with involving your child in the camp selection process to ensure it aligns with their interests and personality. It’s important to discuss what camp life will be like, emphasizing that it won’t always be perfect and identifying who to talk to when assistance is needed.

Engage in positive discussions about camp, focusing on activities your child is excited about and promoting independence at home to prepare them for their sleepaway experience. Prepare your child for camp by personalizing the packing list to their needs, including essential items and hygiene products, and involve them in labeling their belongings to foster responsibility.

Lastly, encourage your child to embrace the opportunities for personal growth at camp, learning responsibilities like cleaning their cabin and choosing daily activities to gain self-reliance and confidence. Our summer camp guide can help you find the perfect fit for your child.

There’s much more you can do to prepare your daughter for overnight camp, so we’ve created this blog post to help!

Summing Up Why Minnesota Has The Best Summer Camps:

From building leadership skills and fostering a love for nature to nurturing creativity and promoting spiritual growth, Minnesota’s overnight camps, like Camp Kamaji, offer a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to a diverse range of interests and age groups.

Whether your daughter is a nature enthusiast, a budding actor, or a future tennis pro, there is a camp that will provide her with an enriching, fun-filled summer experience. As they disconnect from their screens and reconnect with nature (and the beautifully warm days and cool evenings of a Minnesota Summer camp, campers not only make lasting memories but also cultivate skills and values that will serve them well in life.

At Kamaji, we choose to offer a diverse summer camp program with many different activities rather than a single focus. Your daughter may love rock climbing (and she’ll get to do that) but she maynot have considered learning to build a camp fire for example, and she’ll get to learn that too.

Ready to find out more? Book a zoom call with Kat to ask whatever questions you have about Camp Kamaji.

Common Questions

Is sleepaway camp better than day camp?

While summer day camps are valuable and a great fit for many families, sleepaway camp provides children with the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, create positive memories, and improve overall happiness and social skills through an immersive and technology-free summer camp experience.

What kinds of activities do Minnesota overnight camps offer?

Minnesota overnight camps like Camp Kamaji, offer a wide range of activities, including traditional outdoor ones like canoeing and hiking, as well as specialized programs in musical theater and STEM. So, campers can choose activities that match their interests and try new things.

How to Choose a Summer Camp that’s best for your child

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