Canoeing & Kayaking

We believe canoeing is a really important camp skill to have! Some of the best canoeing opportunities are available on the lakes and rivers in Minnesota. Campers will learn how to use different strokes to maneuver the canoe and even how to perform a canoe-over-canoe rescue.

The canoe-over-canoe rescue technique that was adopted by the American Red Cross was first developed by Camp Kamaji camp director, Beatrice “Bert” Berthold.

She was one of the directors of Kamaji from 1923-1951. All these skills are put to test during one of Kamaji’s many canoeing trips.

After taking canoeing at Kamaji, campers can continue their paddling education by signing up to participate in our kayaking course. Campers learn to paddle and maneuver one and two-person sea kayaks.

Should campers really love kayaking, they can sign up for an overnight kayaking trip with other campers who love the activity and from all different cabins.

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