Around Kamaji

Places Around Camp

We believe that having cool places to hang out with friends is an important part of camp. Sprinkled around camp are places to gather to read, sketch and just hang with pals.


You can quite literally “hang out” in our hammock village or sit on “the pig” (a propane tank that gets painted something creative each summer) and visit with your friends. There is a huge tree house where campers can sit inside and play games, sit on one of the many beanbags and read a book, chat with friends, or head up to the lookout tower to check out the view over camp. There are decks or outdoor-living-rooms situated in the woods beside the cabins or attached to them so you can play cards, sketch, talk or read a book with friends.

Speaking of reading a book…we have a little Kamaji library so if you run out of books or want a new one, come check out the library. We are also always taking donations!

And of course we have the ever-popular gaga and tetherball! Campers will meet to play a friendly game during free period or hit the balls around while waiting for a meal.

The Lodge

LodgeRight in the center of camp sits Kamaji’s Lodge. This beautiful building that was built for the summer of 1929 is really unique.

It is large enough to fit everyone in camp if it rains, we can host an indoor Evening Program such as a Pillowcase Pageant, a Sleepover-themed activity, or perhaps each cabin will get up on stage to perform a “Girl Power” themed lip synch.

Of course, the Lodge is also a perfect place to hold an impromptu dance party after a meal!


Kamaji Tree HouseThis is a treehouse unlike any you have ever seen; a tree-mansion would be more like it! Kamaji’s treehouse is nestled away in the woods. You can hang out inside on one of the comfortable beanbags and play a card game or board game, there is a wide selection to choose from. Girls will bring their books to read and some like to sketch while sitting on the wraparound deck.

Campers also like to climb up the ladder to the lookout tower to see over all of camp. At night, cabin groups take turns having a sleepover in the treehouse throughout the summer!


Wilderness Trip Shack

Every Kamaji camper participates in an overnight camping trip, and all trips start here, at the Wilderness Trip Shack. This is where you’ll find out the details about your camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, and climbing trips!

Campers’ trips vary in length from the youngest campers who camp out overnight to the oldest campers who spend a week in Atikoken, Canada canoeing, portaging, and camping. The trips become a little bit longer and a little more challenging as you return each summer. These trips are led by highly qualified, skilled, and experienced Trip Leaders who are certified as lifeguards and in Wilderness First Aid.

Kamaji campers love their outdoor experience sleeping in tents (or under the stars!), building campfires, cooking tin foil dinners over the campfire, and of course, roasting the perfect s’more

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