Swimming is an important lifelong, skill that Kamaji wants to make sure our campers’ have! At the beginning of camp, each camper participates in a swim check. During the swim check campers complete 200 yards of continuous swim in 8 minutes (demonstrating two strokes of your choosing!). Then campers will tread water for 3 minutes and float on their back for 1 minute.

Campers who may need to spend time strengthening their swim skills will take a swim class where our experienced counselors will be in the lake beside you teaching you tips and tricks to swim in the lake.

After completing the swim check any camper who is interested in taking Paddleboarding, Waterskiing or Windsurfing must take a Water Safety Course. This is an endurance-based swim class to ensure campers are safe while participating in these open-water activities. While campers are always wearing their lifejackets when outside of the swim-area, we want to make sure swimmers and strong and prepared while out on the lake.

We also offer a variety of swim electives campers opt to take each week, options like water polo, synchronized swim, water aerobics or good ol’ lap swim.

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