Way back in 1986 a genius movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off starring Matthew Broderick was released.   Many of you might fondly remember this movie, but just in case . . .

. . . Ferris fakes sick in order to skip out of school for a day.  But he doesn’t fake sick just to stay home, watch TV and sleep.  No! No!  Instead, Ferris takes advantage of this day off to enjoy the city of Chicago alongside his two best friends, Cameron and Sloane.  The three of them explore the city by way of a borrowed Ferrari — taking in a baseball game at Wrigley Field, going to the top of the Sears Tower, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Board of Trade, eating at an upscale restaurant.   And, possibly the best part of the movie — Ferris partakes in the Von Steuben Day Parade where he lip syncs to “Twist and Shout” on top of one of the parade floats.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago:  I turned on the local news and had to laugh as the local weatherman was standing in downtown Chicago (let  me repeat:  in Chicago!!) on a special, rare, precious 70 degree day in March.    The weatherman opened his segment by saying, “I think the word of the day is ‘hooky’.”

Immediately I thought of Ferris Bueller and how he’d spend the day.  On a gorgeous, perfect day like that, it would be such a shame to play “hooky” and simply stay home to sleep and watch TV.

Taking a cue from Ferris Bueller, I would take advantage of my hooky time to do something that I do not get to do everyday.  Explore  local museums, go for a long walk, visit the zoo, catch up with an old friend while spoiling myself with a massage or manicure, participate in a tennis match, get-out- there!

One of my University School teachers, Mrs. Krieg, played a clip from this very movie on my first day of high school.  She shared this same message that I am now sharing with you:   If you’re going to play hooky, make it worthwhile.  Learn something new, try something you’ve never done before, meet someone new or reconnect with someone from your past, do something different and have fun!

Now, don’t get me wrong  I am not advocating skipping out of school, work, your responsibilities.  Okay wait up . . . truthfully I kinda am.  But just one day, take that one “hooky” day and make it a special one.  Everyone needs that “mental health day” to take for herself, to truly enjoy life.

It’s sage advice!  Take it from me, Mrs. Krieg, my local weatherman and Ferris Bueller:  if there is an opportunity to play hooky, do it right, make it an adventurous, exciting, fun-filled day to remember! kamajikat

by Kamaji blogger Kat Martin

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