Well, the good news is that the early spring-like weather has given way to, well, summer.
Shorts and t-shirts are the order of the day.  Ye Directors like camp a lot when the sun is shining. This is just a short note to bring you up to date with a few details about life at camp.

After a slow start due to the yucky weather, Kamaji’s activity program is now running at full speed.  That means that every camper participates in four different instruction activities each day.  Campers have individual activity schedules, so when the bell rings, campers rush off to go sailing, horseback riding, play tennis or canoe.  Both the campers and counselors are happy that the activity program is zooming along.

If your daughter is a first year camper, you should have already received a phone call from one of Kamaji’s Unit Leaders.  If you haven’t talked with either Bec or Hannah, please give us a call as soon as you have a minute.  All parents will receive an email from one of their daughter’s counselors during the next week.  The email will discuss your daughter’s life here at camp. It’s a lot of work for the counselors to write, so we hope you’ll acknowledge their effort.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about just about anything, give us a call.

The weather earlier in the week caused havoc with Kamaji Wilderness Trip schedule, but when the sun came out, it was time to hit the water.  On Friday, Nutshell Porch 3 headed out for a 2 day Mississippi River trip, Nutshell Porch 2 left for a 2 day adventure to beautiful Webster Lake and Cabin 3 Porch 2 left for a 3 day trip to central Minnesota’s Crow Wing River.  Of course, the Pine Manor campers are in the middle of their week long trip to White Otter Wilderness Area in northwestern Ontario.  We sure hope summer has arrived in the White Otter, too.

Here’s the news from Kamaji’s Club Med.  We should explain that Club Med is Kamaji’s health center.  Club Med is staffed by Katherine, Sarah and Kelsey, Kamaji’s three nursing assistants and the Camp Doc.   For the first week, Judy Meisner, an anesthesiologist from Wayzata, MN was on duty.  Judy is spending her 15th  summer at Kamaji.  It’s her 10th summer as camp doc after spending 5 summers as a Kamaji camper.  The passing of the baton took place earlier today when Judy headed home and Martha Bowman, an internist from Rochester, Minnesota arrived at camp with her three children and husband, Mark. This is Martha’s 2nd tour of duty in Club Med.  Our policy is to call you if your daughter is admitted for an overnight stay in Club Med or is taken to see a doctor or dentist in town.  (We do NOT call if your daughter spends a few hours just resting in Club Med or if she visits for a scraped knee, sore throat, bug bite, applied band-aid or Tylenol request).  Kamaji’s  policy assures you that if your daughter receives anything more than routine health care you’ll hear from us.  No health-related news is good news.

We hope you’ve been following Kamaji’s evening program by looking at the pictures at www.kamaji.smugmug.com.  Tonight’s evening program is our weekly Council Fire, a very old fashioned campfire program.  Campers sit around real campfires, sing songs and listen to stories.  Just like in the movies.

It’s too nice to be sitting at the computer.  We are probably needed at the waterfront.

Mike, Kathy and Kat

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