In a surprise ceremony held today, August 7, 2010, the dining hall at Camp Kamaji was named “Sloan Hall” to celebrate Marjena Sloan’s 30th consecutive summer as Kamaji’s Head Cook.   If you have been lucky enough to be a Kamaji camper or staff member during the past three decades,  your memories of camp probably include the wonderful meals which Marjena has prepared.  It took a bit of ciphering but we conservatively estimate that Marjena has served over 375,000 meals at Kamaji!

For the past 30 years, when it was time to “Ringie the Dingie” for mealtimes at camp, Kamaji campers happily filed into Kamaji’s dining hall to feast on food prepared by Marjena Sloan.  Beginning today, when Kamaji campers hear that bell, they’ll head to “Sloan Hall”.

Sloan Hall 01

Sloan Hall 02

To Marjena we say “Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, your loyalty to Kamaji, and, most importantly, your friendship!!  Forever you will be a part of Kamaji!”


Kamaji Hugs From

Kathy and Mike and All

Campers/Staff 1981-2010

P.S.   Stay tuned for the first edition of “Just Add Water, Favorite Kamaji Recipes of Marjena Sloan” which we’ll make available on Kamaji’s website this fall.

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