The Great Spirit certainly is smiling on Camp Kamaji. While much of the midwest has been struggling with heat, humidity and severe storms, the weather here the past week has been almost perfect. Even when the forecast isn’t great, things have a way of working out.

Kamaji’s Tribe Day was scheduled for Saturday. That’s a really big deal. Tribe Day is pretty wild. Campers spend the whole day dressed from head-to-toe in their tribe colors. They participate in all kinds of wonderfully fun noncompetitive activities and continuously cheer and sing tribe songs. When we went to bed on Friday we checked the weather forecast for Saturday. Not good. Rain on and off all day with the chance of severe weather in the afternoon. Not exactly good news for Tribe Day. We woke up early Saturday morning and checked again. Same forecast. It wasn’t raining yet, so our first thought was “wait and see”, but that really wasn’t an option. You see, Tribe Day has a special menu. Foot long hotdogs for lunch and the “Tribe Banquet” for dinner. And, don’t forget that Tribe Day also means spitting watermelon seeds in the lake after lunch. By 7:00 am, Marjena and the kitchen staff had to know if Tribe Day was “on”. Either they would start preparing the Tribe Day menu or get started on other meals. One more check of the weather. Rain and thunderstorms on Saturday and clear skies for Sunday. Tribe Day would have to wait one more day.

So what ended up happening? Well, despite the forecast, Saturday’s morning clouds gave way to afternoon sunshine. Regular activities continued all day as you can see by the Smugmug pictures. Saturday’s new menu meant an outdoor steak BBQ dinner which came off without a hitch. And the weather was wonderful for Saturday’s Council Fire. In other words, even the Weather Channel can’t compete with the Great Spirit when it comes to making sure Kamaji’s program goes off without a hitch.

Today is Sunday . . . and Kamaji’s bell just rang. Gotta get to breakfast where Tribe Day will be announced by the Tribe Leaders who will do so in some creative clever way.

Oh and the forecast: Another sunny, warm and dry day on tap.

By the end of the day we’ll have a few hundred pictures on Smugmug.

Got to go.

More later . . .

Mike, Kathy and Kat

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