Sending your daughter to summer camp can be an incredible and life-changing experience, but ensuring she’s well-prepared for the adventure ahead is essential. This guide on “how to prepare my daughter for summer camp” will cover everything from assessing her readiness, to packing her bags, discussing homesickness, and fostering independence.

Key Takeaways

  • Empower your daughter by addressing anxieties and choosing the ideal camp.
  • Involve her in decision-making, packing & building life skills for a successful experience.
  • Highlight fun activities to create lasting memories while preparing for homesickness & departure!

Assessing Your Daughter’s Readiness for Summer Camp

A young girl looking excited for her summer camp experience

How to prepare your daughter for unique summer camp experiences

The ideal age to introduce your daughter to the thrill of sleepaway camp is usually between 7 to 9 years old. To determine her readiness, consider her past experiences with sleepovers, separation from family and how she talks about the potential of a sleepaway camp experience. Talk to her about her interests and gauge her enthusiasm for attending camp. If she’s never been to camp before, day camps can be a great way to dip her toes into the experience and be exposed to some of the fun activities camps have to offer.

While camping offers exciting experiences, it can sometimes induce anxiety, particularly for first-time campers (and their parents!). Addressing her concerns while applauding her strengths is pivotal. Reflect on past difficult experiences to boost her self-confidence and provide tips to help her succeed at camp. Having an open dialogue about realistic expectations ensures a fantastic camp experience for both of you.

Choosing the Ideal Camp for Your Daughter

A family discussion: the best summer camp for your daughter

Choosing a summer camp is an important task. Camp Kamaji has one of the highest return rates of any all-girls summer camp in Minnesota

Selecting the perfect summer camp for your daughter involves researching various options, talking to camp directors, and considering factors such as staff qualifications, safety measures, ACA accreditation, and alignment with your child’s interests.

The subsequent subsections will guide you in researching camp options and what to look for as you’re choosing a summer camp for your daughter. Of course, we’ll emphasize the importance of camp visits, meeting with the camp directors in-person or online, or attending open houses for informed decision-making.

Research Camp Options

Attending camp fairs offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about different camps, connect with camp representatives, and get answers to your questions in one place. Additionally, online platforms like Tips on Trips, or Camp Experts provide valuable information about various camps and can help you prepare your child for a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to connect with other parents as their insights can be invaluable in pinpointing the perfect camp for your daughter.

Certified camp websites offer comprehensive insights into the camp’s activities, personnel, and safety measures. Exploring these websites can help you make a well-informed decision about the best camp for your daughter to attend.

Visit Camps and Attend Open Houses

An image of a mother and daughter packing a backpack with summer camp essentials, preparing for how to prepare my daughter for summer camp

Prepare both yourself and your daughter for her summer camp experience at Camp Kamaji in Minnesota

Visiting camps, meeting one-on-one with camp directors online, and attending open houses can give you and your daughter an authentic feel for the camp atmosphere and help you make wise decisions. To schedule a visit with Kat, the director of Camp Kamaji all-girls camp in Minnesota, click here!

During the process of getting to know the camp and directors, consider the following aspects of the summer camp:

  • Facilities and amenities
  • Safety protocols
  • Staff qualifications
  • Available activities
  • Camper-to-staff ratio
  • Health and medical services
  • Communication policies with parents
  • Feedback from previous campers and parents
  • American Camp Association (ACA) Acreditation

These factors will help you decide about the many camps available.

Involving Your Daughter in the Decision-Making Process

Involving your daughter in the camp decision-making process fosters a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure. Discuss the different summer camp options with her, see where she naturally shows excitement, and provide her with information about each camp. It is best to narrow the options down to the two you, as parents, feel most confident about to help make the decision easier for her.

Let her ask questions (or check out the Camp Kamaji FAQ section as well as on multiple summer camp websites), meet with the camp directors, and take her interests and hobbies into account when selecting camps to explore further.

By actively engaging your daughter in the decision-making process and taking the time to talk to your child, you can help your child feel more confident and prepared for camp, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable and successful experience.

As an example, here’s what a typical day at Camp Kamaji looks like.

Preparing for Overnight Camp

Learning to take care of their own belongings is another important lesson at camp- and there is always someone there to lend a hand!

Prior to leaving for overnight camp, preparing your daughter for her time away from home is necessary. Arrange sleepovers at friends’ or relatives’ homes to help her get accustomed to planning, packing, and spending nights away from you. Talk to her about any nerves she may feel and reassure her that the staff, fellow campers, camp counselors and especially the camp directors, are there to support her and help her have a great experience.

When packing for camp, include a few special items that will remind her of home and provide comfort, like a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. New campers should be paired up with a “camp sister” (returning camper) who can answer vital questions prior to camp like “What should I bring that might NOT be on the packing list?”. (Answer: Twinkle Lights and a Tutu). This can help her feel more comfortable in her new environment and contribute to a successful camp experience.

Building Essential Life Skills

A young girl learning essential life skills

Learn new skills like cooking by the fire at Camp Kamaji

Equipping your daughter with fundamental life skills, like self-care and socializing, prior to camp can enhance her overall summer camp experience. Teach her about personal hygiene, organizing belongings, and using basic first aid. Encourage active listening, sharing, seeking assistance when needed, and problem-solving to help her make a great impression on her fellow campers. All of this is great practice and good preparation for your daughter’s sleepaway camp experience.

A well-rounded all-girls camp experience goes beyond just activities; it also helps girls:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Make lasting friendships
  • Explore new activities
  • Expand their independence

When preparing your child for camp, make sure your daughter can confidently navigate and excel in the camp setting by equipping her with essential life skills before camp.

Fostering Independence and Confidence

A young girl feeling confident and independent

Learning to swim at the lake at Camp Kamaji boosts confidence and fosters independence.

Boosting your daughter’s independence and confidence pre-camp can be achieved by entrusting her with home responsibilities and promoting independent problem-solving. Giving her responsibilities teaches her about expectations, builds her skills, and fosters social and intellectual growth.

By nurturing independence and confidence in your daughter, she will be better prepared to handle the challenges and opportunities that arise during her summer camp experience, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and enjoyable time away.

Communication with Camp Staff

It’s important to establish unambiguous communication with the camp staff prior to your child’s arrival.

Inform them of any special considerations, allergies, medications, or specific needs your child may have to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Typically, these things will be part of the camp’s process when enrolling and welcoming your daughter to summer camp, but if you are unsure on how or what was communicated, take the liberty of emphasizing the details again. Make sure all the forms the camp requires you to complete before the start of the summer are completed thoroughly and honestly. Take the time to read through the camp’s handbook prior to your daughter leaving for camp.

Circle back to have another conversation with the camp director to discuss any concerns you or your camper might have.

If you’d like to learn more about Camp Kamaji all-girls camp in Minnesota, schedule a zoom call to meet with director and co-owner Kat here.

Proactively communicating with the camp director and staff helps build trust and ensures that your daughter’s needs are properly addressed, allowing her to focus on a fantastic camp experience.

Packing for Camp Together

back packing for summer camp together

Take a backpacking trip while never having to leave Camp Kamaji this summer

Jointly packing for camp fosters a sense of responsibility in your daughter for her belongings and guarantees she has all the essentials for a rewarding camp experience. Create a fun checklist together, let her select her own clothing, bedding, and personal items, and check off the packing list together.

Labeling your child’s belongings with her name or initials will make them easily identifiable and prevent confusion with other campers’ items. This simple step can save time and stress during her stay, allowing her to focus on enjoying camp to the fullest.

Emphasizing the Fun Aspects of Summer Camp

A young girl having fun at summer camp in the water

Learn new skills and build confidence on the lake shore of Camp Kamaji

Keep your daughter looking forward to her time at summer camp by emphasizing the fun aspects, like campfire nights, outdoor adventures, making lifelong friendships, personal growth, and discovering new things about herself.

In the process of looking for summer camp, learn a new and simple skill together to boost confidence and give you something to compare that seemed difficult at first and then became routine and fun.

She can expect a variety of thrilling activities at summer camps, such as swimming, water balloon fights, painting, pottery, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and making s’mores. Additionally, the day camp or summer camp experience you choose will provide her with unforgettable memories while going to camp.

Highlighting the thrilling and enriching camp experiences can amplify your daughter’s eagerness for her summer adventure and the creation of unforgettable memories.

Tips for Coping with Homesickness

how to discuss homesickness with your daughter before summer camp

Homesickness is an important discussion, both for you and your daughter.

Discussing homesickness before camp and reassuring your daughter that it’s a normal feeling can help her manage her emotions when she’s away from home. Teach her strategies for handling homesickness, such as writing letters to family, staying engaged in camp activities, and connecting with new friends who may be feeling the same way. Emphasize the importance of talking with a counselor or other trusted adult if feeling sad, homesick and/or ill while at camp. Remind her she can be having fun at camp AND missing home at the same time- staying busy and focusing on the fun parts will help make the homesickness less and less every day.

Talking about a shared experience can deepen friendships and foster confidence, encourage her to share how she is feeling with a new friend.

Pre-camp preparation for potential homesickness can enable your daughter to confidently and resiliently overcome initial feelings of separation, and ensures she enjoys every minute of her camp experience. It is important to be honest that there will likely be some point that she will miss home, and that is absolutely normal.

Preparing for Camp Departure

Kat, director and co-owner of Kamaji, encouraging a camper

Kat, our co-owner and director of Kamaji encouraging a camper

As camp departure approaches, finalize packing, connect with another camper and her family, and discuss expectations and excitement with your daughter. Review all the materials sent by the camp and talk about all the things you’re excited to hear about upon her return.

Implementing these tips to prepare will help prepare your daughter for camp departure, ensuring her readiness and excitement for her summer camp adventure, paving the way for a rewarding experience.


In conclusion, preparing your daughter for summer camp involves assessing her readiness, selecting the ideal camp, building essential life skills, and fostering independence and confidence. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure a fantastic camp experience for your daughter, filled with lifelong memories and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

7 to 10 years old is the ideal age to start going to summer camp, as it allows time to assess your child’s maturity level and personality, and build a long-term routine of returning to camp for many years.

How do you prepare a child for camp?

Help your child get excited about camp by including them in the decision-making of what to pack, arranging stays with grandparents or friends before camp starts, and talking positively about the experience.

Be sure also to get a check-up, set expectations, double-check the packing list, understand the medical policies, ask your child how they’re feeling, and pack a small reminder of home. Preparing your child for camp in advance can make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

What do I need to know before going to summer camp?

Before going to summer camp, start planning ahead of time, brush up on activities, be open and social, don’t forget about your counselors, and be prepared for a great time!

What should I look for when selecting the ideal camp for my daughter?

Look for summer camps for your daughter with qualified staff and safety measures, that match your daughter’s interests and fit her needs. Book a call with Kat to start the process of learning about Camp Kamaji today!

How can I help my daughter cope with homesickness at camp?

Encourage open dialogue before camp about homesickness, remind her it’s normal to feel homesick and give her tools to manage her emotions while at camp, like writing a letter and talking with a friend about what she’s feeling. Reassure her that there are people at camp there to help her and it is important she confides in a trusted counselor or grown-up at camp.

Think Camp Kamaji might be a great option on your list of all girl summer camps? Find out why Camp Kamaji is the best girls summer camp in Minnesota!

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