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Summer Camp For Girls

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Who Runs Camp Kamaji in Minnesota?


Camp Kamaji is a sleepaway, summer camp for girls ages 7 through 16 years old located in Northern Minnesota, run by Kat Martin and Jason Nelson. Our mission is that… 

Kamaji is a safe, happy, fun-filled place for campers to come unplug, try new activities, learn new skills, be silly and goofy, develop a true sense of self, be deliriously happy and make really strong friendships with campers and staff alike.

Directors of Kamaji, Minnesota: Kat and Jason with their family.
Two girls at Kamaji Girls Camp in Minnesota
Enjoying the first at Kamaji Camp for girls in Minnesota
Girls summer camp dressup
Girls on a raft at Kamaji summer camp

Kamaji offers many activities like waterskiing, horseback riding, paddleboarding, archery, dance, windsurfing, sailing and more.

This summer at Kamaji won’t just be about the experiences you have climbing to the top of our climbing wall, portaging a canoe and sailing across the lake, it will also be the people you meet and the memories you make that will stay with you long after your camping days are over. It becomes a part of who you are.

At Kamaji, courage is celebrated. We encourage girls to come to our camp without knowing anyone else here, that takes courage. While here, campers are encouraged to try activities they have never done before and to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort-zone in order to grow, learn, and develop their own independence. This takes courage they might not know they have (yet!) and is extremely empowering.

We recognize our campers for their individual accomplishments and efforts. If a camper wants to wear red cowboy boots every day around camp, she becomes a camp icon. If a camper stands up on stage during the Variety Show to sing a solo and gets stagefright, the campers in the audience sing along to encourage her. We recognize the courage and strength it takes to put yourself out there to go to a new place, meet new people and be true to who you are.

Because of that, our camp community rallies around each other to celebrate each other’s courage to do those things in this safe, encouraging, supportive and fun environment.

We hope you take some time to explore our website to learn more about who we are, our philosophy, our history, our activities, our special programs and about our staff.

We can’t wait to talk with you about how your camper will learn to Celebrate Courage this summer at Kamaji!


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Summer camp is an incredibly fun and memorable experience, but sometimes grown-ups might take a little convincing.

Fill out the form below and send them an email that’s sure to convince them that you’d love to spend this summer at Kamaji- be sure to include some of the things you would learn from your time at Kamaji!

Girls on a surfboard at Kamaji summer camp for girls

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Dear Kamaji Alum, I don’t know about you, but one of the things that has struck me this particular holiday season, somehow more than before, is while things continue to be not totally normal, I find myself more and more grateful and appreciative for the little things...

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Musings from Alumna, Andrea Cuttler

As this goes on, my two friends and I – visitors for the weekend and longtime Kamaji campers and counselors ourselves – sit a few tables away, watching the madness ensue. Almost immediately, and quite inexplicably, all three of us have the exact same reaction: We begin to weep.

And then, as we realize we’ve all had this visceral response to the scene before us, we begin to laugh.

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“Kamaji is magical”. How many times have you heard this? How many times have you SAID this? How many times have you thought this to yourself? It is, it is truly magical. But now try to explain why. It’s hard!! Because for us Kamaji girls, it just IS. Maybe it is the...

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Kamaji Celebrates Courage

Kamaji Celebrates Courage

The following is a post written by our longtime camper and counselor, Jessica Kubert, who graduates from high school this year and is off to college. But first, she'll spend another summer at Kamaji as a cabin counselor and fishing instructor! Fourth grade was the...

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Summer Notes from Kamaji

Kamaji’s 98th Summer of Firsts Kamaji’s is one old camp. As a matter of fact, we’ll be celebrating our 100th season in 2013. Given that history, you might assume that not much changes from year to year. Well, you’d be wrong — really wrong. You might even say that 2011...

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From the sunny shores of Wolf Lake

Hello from the sunny shores of Wolf Lake. It’s the fourth full day of camp and it’s full steam ahead. Kamaji’s instructional activity program began in earnest yesterday; today the first four Wilderness canoeists left camp. It feels like we’ve been planning for this...

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